April 26, 2015

Meek, gentle, pure,
your beauty makes the heart ache.
Holy warmth radiates from your figure, fair and white.
I wish to embrace.
Longing fills the deepest void,
to make all that is yours, my own.
and all that is my own, yours.
The strong one who kneels down,
wise one who listens,
waits patiently.
Son, husband, father, brother,
the new man descending into his garden,
fervent, full and round as the sun.
Everything worth fighting for, worth protecting,
worth loving.
Through the eyes of the soul, I see

my Christ.



The Elixir

May 30, 2012

A silence falls

cast’d ethereal darkness across the peopled plain.

Nothing stirs,

all intent on torch-lights, reddened, six-fold,

 that twinkle afore our collective eye.


from vested, steadfast lips yonder.

Then behold,

amid incense-smoke swaddled,

the tri-part bell’s clarion trill announce,

a chalice alift and declared thus:

the blood of God,

whence partaken, life eternal bestow’d.


before the True Alchemy bow’d.


my soul sent aloft desirous

swore that from this elixir,

I shall henceforth

never be kept.



“The Celestial Liturgy” – By Rachel M Gohlman (me)