A Song alone

February 15, 2016



I once sang a song alone,

the strings of my throat avibe,

the plectrum of my heart in place.

No one listened, no one heard,

yet the very walls inclined.

I once chanted a psalm unwritten,

the zither of my spirit wrung tight,

The dusty air with sonor

left the antiphon unsaid, unvoiced.

I once composed a dirge,

the chord of my tongue in D-minor,

for no one

and they didn’t weep.

I once rejoined a wedding hymn,

the organ of my lungs billowed,

like the descant of royal flute

played by none

yet answered by spring’s bloom.

I once tuned the tympanym of my lips

to twirl,

dancing like heavenly spheres

lost in the blink of an angel’s eye.


The musician

October 11, 2011

Who knows sound more than the musician?

They know sound’s life and its death,

know its cry and its breath,

They make sound into song,

make song eternal music.

A Psalm of Exorcism

July 20, 2011

Go now, you snarling beast, return whence you came.

Know this: that Our Wounded God hath all power over you,

Alas, the sight of but one His wounds shall alight you into the

very depths of Hell.

You sneer wherever there is weakness, but know:

In weakness are Our People made strong.

You glee wherever sins reigns, but know:

Where sin aboundeth, grace aboundeth all the more.

You rejoice wherever God’s people suffer, but know ye:

That in suffering, we bear forth our Victor.

Our Pasch, you despise,

for we are not smote as the Firstborn of Egypt.

Yeah, he is Our Lord and armor, who delivereth Israel from

your hands.

He is Our Lord and right-hand, who giveth the Anointed of


Yeah, Our God who maketh his own Son into flesh; defeateth

you by flesh. By spilling of God’s own blood, you stand as slain.

Thus that which you tempted with Adam, bindeth you.

Know this beast: You cannot destroy the House of Elohim.

You cannot plunder His People.

You shall accuse them no more.