An Ode to Chastity

October 6, 2012

O state of chastity!
Bold as the white lily,
come first spring
from an untouched well.
Reluctant dewfloss
beneath swelling summer,
which bids all green things to bear their fruits.

Thou art a young boy
tunefully singing
his hymnal psalm,
bent beneath the taskmaster,
blushing before maidens
finely wading in Paschal gowns.You are the whisp
of air that heralds morning.
Veiled thinly, more white
than moon-swaddled night,
keeping many secrets,
hidden away from aged, experienced minds.

Yet with virginal voice
you tell men’s’ ears
the matters of angels.
And unashamed of thy girt loins,
like a sheltered lamb,
you lay thyself happily on hidden altars.

 Picture of St. Aloysius Gonzaga