Warhorse. (has nothing to do with the movie)

July 3, 2012


From wild gusts, God made thee.
made thee to stomp and kick the iron-black dusts of battle.
Yeah, did the Lord coil up the west-most winds
and blow into your blood red nostrils.

A beast with trumpet-call
wearing flesh of felty silk, yet stony white as new-carved marble,
You survey the vast fields and cover them in hoof-beats.

Flashing lightning,
meets the pitch of battle, singing swords, clamor-calls
whence you emerge forth.

Puffing smoke, clawing the earth
you bear up the warrior, dragon-like, stare with armored-eyes.
Your mane is a flag, high-flying, your tail a banner streaming
and fearlessness your champion.

God himself, foresaw you
and granted thee the swiftness of his winged-messenger,
so that earth caresses the heavens
beneath your churning feet.

by Rachel M. Gohlman (me)




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