Gargoyles are Awesome

March 8, 2012

Spires, descending snow spirals,

twirling, twirling cast down.

In wintry twilight, there land

upon a stone-clad, grinning crown.

Horns and all, ears silently prik’d

stares the greyest gargoyle.

Unfazed by months of gusts, gushes, weather and wear.



Towers, dirty windows, mist

rising, rising smothered round.

In spring morn, there stands

beside his clutched paws, wings curling to see

the farthest height.

Untroubled by years of sleet, splash, wet and tear.



Beams in summer come, blocked by autumn shadow,

dancing, dancing thrown aloft.

Stares he alone.

Cracks and all, claws perched soundless

catching midnight rays with moon-washed eyes.

Unmissed by ages, by those walking below, beneath and out.



Voices, vespers, plain-song,

calling, calling timely beyond.

Listens he without reply

for the gargoyle’s answer is quiet watch.



One Response to “Gargoyles are Awesome”

  1. lamehousewife said

    i can’t wait to come back when i have more time to read more…

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