Memento Mori

June 12, 2011

“…for dust you are, and to dust shall you return.”

– Genesis 3:19

You will die, just as he did.
Today it was his turn; tomorrow it will be yours.”

–         – Sirach 38:22

             Behold life is but a season.

            There lay only one certain course before mankind and tis, death.

            All robur and fortune hover elusive from birth- but death welcomes with open hands.

            Its day sure as the falling dusk, sure as the falcon’s eye intent on prey,

sure as lambs at night follow the herder’s voice.

            This silent, most silent visitor

becks from doors of young and old.

           Men. Like figs, they wither, like young shoots,

which blossom then curl beneath frost.

         Whilst be-plagued beggars quake

and consumption claims kings,

          Weavers and merchants and the

comeliest maidens doth travail.

             Men, all of men, they languish.

            Even the sun awakes and is entombed behind hills.

            Death be the unkind judge of mans’

appointed stay.

            Tis our destiny: the dust.

            The great powers shall not always reign,

 yet know, death shall ever remain.



June 11, 2011

I think therefore, I am.

I question therefore, I think twice.

I sing therefore, I am breathing.

I dance therefore, my body rejoices.

I wonder beneath the greyed moon

captive by silent desire.

I desire therefore, love inhabits my soul.