A Parable

November 13, 2010


            Looking up at his mother, a little lion-cub said,

“I am so weak, I have no mane and I cannot roar,  how then shall I endure

this harsh life in the pride amongst all these who are bigger and stronger?”

            His mother answered, “Tuck your tail between your legs until the day you are a lion.”




In past days, a cardinal, Timotheus, lived under rule of a certain, wicked pontiff and so detested his works.

 Whilst praying, an unclean spirit came to him saying, “Rise up and bear no more this corruption.”

Timotheus replied, “Why? I’ll bear all things that corrupt souls be purified.”

Surely, you hear reform spreads from afar…take up noble cause and denounce the pope’s authority.”

I’d rather believe on the Lord’s word as writ by Holy Matthew:

that against His Church, the very gates of hell shall not prevail”

Said the spirit; “Forsake ye the yolk of your office, rise up and mete vengeance!”

How can I since vengeance belongs not to me?”

When the pontiff fell ill, same the spirit taunted:

Kill him and remove his sin from the earth!”

In prayer answered Timotheus, “I will let sin rather than multiply it.”

Thus, did the Lord God reward one who chose humility over defiance; who gazed upon evil and returned not evil?

Rightly, while some of his brethren cast off their priesthood and clamored for Rome’s demise,

Christ in awesome power, anointed Timotheus as Peter’s Successor.

Hence, he who detested corruption and compliance thereof was given ample place to repair it.

 If he’d left in rebellion, the corruption might have festered and become worse.


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