Of Chemicals and Their Constituents

November 12, 2010

Of Chemicals and Constituents…

Factus de materia cinis elementi. – “Created from the material of the ashes of the elements.”

I.) Your 92 elements to construct our natural world, your atoms are of varying radii, weights and personalities.You are aromas, colors and textures. Molecules.

Hydrogen, hot-blooded, volatile and promiscuous, makes one bond. Carbon, cold, aloof and wary, forms four.

Iron, stern metal unbreakable except from work and weather’s wear.Oxygen, invisible, holds us together.O’ solvents, solutions and fumes.

Alchemy, transformed sorcery into science.You are precious as gold; ordinary.

Who made and arranged you? God, Mendeleev orLavoisier puttering about his lab?Atoms, they split, reform and substitute to find themselves.

You are fuel, our poison, our cure.Acids, bases, distillations and titrations. Not created or destroyed andforever conserved.

May we never know surely your endless processes.


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